Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Siam Thai- Authentic Thai Massage

Leave your troubles at the door and relax with our highly experienced Thai masseuses

Thai Massage is well-known worldwide for the benefits of wellbeing, relaxation, distress, pain and tension relief.

Traditional Thai Massage, also known as Ancient Massage or Thai Yoga Massage, dates back more than three hundred years in its present form.

Authentic Thai Massage is an interactive manipulation of the body, applying deep pressure along acupressure points and energy lines. Passive stretching is applied similar to Yoga. The benefits of this type of therapy are varied. It can help with muscle and joint tension, relieve deep stiffness and maintain flexibility. The overall result brings about balance to the skeletal structure stimulating internal organs, improving blood circulation and balancing the body's energy system.

Please view Brochure here

Please view Brochure here

  • Signature Massage (Soft) €75/60min

  • Harmony Massage (Medium) €75/60min

  • Thai Massage (Strong) €75/60min

  • Leg & Foot Massage €40/30min

  • Indian head Massage €40/30min

  • Back & Shoulder Massage €40/30min

  • Exfoliate body scrub €45/30min

  • Express facials €45/30min

  • Luxury facials €75/60min

  • Full body waxing (Ladies & Gents)